Negative showing on mains here too

I saw the other thread but it is closed. I’m having one negative main as well. It happened around the time I played with settings. I know I connected sense up to my hue, and while exploring I also found the solar menu, but I’m pretty sure I backed out quickly.

There is a support ticket open, but it might be nice for others in future to know what happened, and how it can be fixed. Probably some AI being too smart :wink:

interestingly enough, I installed a whole house surge protector this morning… I re-routed my CTs and disconnected my Sense monitor from its breaker… I know the CTs got back the way they were, but thinking about it, the power lines on the Sense may have changed position… I may have created my problem…

anyway, all my power mains in Sense are negative… oops… opening a ticket…

I did not touch any of the sense installation, just played around in the app. I’ve the feeling something added some (value * -1) to the main, I can see it getting closer to 0 on low load, but go way into negative on high load.

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