Net solar to home always zero

Now that a prior reported bug in Safari is (silently) fixed (I could not see the statistics under the bar graph under Solar>Month (or day etc.), but now I can), I can see

However, no matter what aggregation level I look at, the “Solar to home” is always zero. This just cannot be right, unless it means something I do not understand.

Any thoughts?

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also the net solar KWH changes for me, but the % is always 48% no matter what in chrome. iOS app it shows correctly, same 0 kwh and 0% on the solar to home.

The “Solar to Home” field showed up in the Web App back in early November along with a few other battery-related metrics. Those new fields were only revealed in the Web App and were turned off once Sense took a closer look (thanks to @dannyterhaar and @JuliaAtSense ). I think we figured out at that time that the values were static (non-changing), not yet operational. Since “Solar to Home” appeared in that same group of new fields and is only visible in the Web App, I’m pretty sure that you shouldn’t have any expectations for it right now - maybe just a stocking stuffer for things to come :wink:

Well, I did not see them back when, but figured out from comments here they did exist. Traced it down to a Safari related issue on the sense side and filed a bug. Just discovered yesterday it had, apparently, been fixed, although I never got that feedback on my trouble ticket.

So, some of these values are definitely not static, so in some sense operational. If there are others that known (by sense) to not be operational, it is only confusing to show them anyway (and cause users to report bugs about them).

With regard to expectations: at this point I have very few expectations for/from sense (other than when I first started). It has not delivered well on device discovery (although it did find some), and for some of those discovered it does not produce correct values. Only the TP-Link connected ones work well. As a 40+ years engineer, I’ve found engineering to be shoddy, for both backend issues, and web or mobile app issues, and team responsiveness is lackluster at best. Support is plain useless, except for this community. Yet, I don’t have a better alternative, but if one appears I’ll be jumping ship!

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I think what happened is that Sense accidentally exposed some stuff they may have been working on in the Web App, then dialed it back but accidentally left one of the 5 not-yet-functional items, “Solar to Home”, perhaps for layout reasons. The 7 other values are live and operational (and the same as in the phone/tablet app).

From my screenshot back then:

Thanks for pushing to get the Safari bug fix. I prefer Safari, but I’ve been using Chrome.

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Hi all,

I’m looking into the “Solar to Home” issue and will provide answers when I have more information to share.

Thanks for your patience.

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Hi, I have an answer to the “Solar to Home” metric for Solar users:

“Solar to Home” is for internal use related to other projects. It is a bug and should not have been shown to Sense Solar users.

It is going to be deleted from the web app.

I am sorry for any confusion on this issue or metrics. I wanted to ensure you all were up to date. Sometimes accidents like this happen. We don’t intend them to, but I appreciate your patience while we correct it and work with you to improve Sense.

Thanks again. Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that today we removed the “Solar to Home” metric on the web app This was for internal use and should not have been viewed on your dashboard. I am sorry for any confusion this caused.

Thanks again for catching this for us and your patience while we resolved this issue.

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Thanks @JamesDrewAtSense ,

It looks like it is gone. Hopefully it comes back with a fun new feature at some point in time, but until then, far less confusion :wink: