New fields (battery related)?

I just saw some new elements at my solar page:

How can I get these fields (battery related) populated?
Do we need to get some ModBus probing?

@dannyterhaar , whoaaa ! There was an update to Solar with v42.0, but not all that. Perhaps you have a special build or a special Battery bit turned on since I know you have been talking to Sense support about your special battery + inverter setup. Good luck - if it is special you might want to use messaging with Sense or the Beta channel as appropriate so folks in the broader community don’t get confused.

How am I to know if I have a special build?
I just login to the usual website.
The new fields are there even for the year stats:

Battery stats obviously not occupied.

About “talking”
It has been one way communication. No response back from Sense.

Wait, what ?I am confused!!
Nobody notified me
as a matter of fact when I login to the beta home page it still shows the old fields:

I don’t do/use anything special.
Things have changed for me and you are worried about other people getting confused?
You are funny!

If Sense did do something special to my account, they should have notified me , don’t you agree?

OK, you’re right. Nothing special. My Web App shows battery field as well. Not there in v42 iOS app. Hmmm.

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If there would be some open API I would be able to provide those numbers from my hybrid system.

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To: @kevin1
My son’s SENSE unit shows the additional SOLAR info also.

Using the standard // connection, not the BETA connection.

Web PC Build #

SENSE Monitor firmware Version: 1.37.3689-fbf0c631-master

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I’d love to have that battery info filled in as well, but how would Sense know where my solar is going without another set of clamps? Once the solar goes to the (Tesla) gateway, it can go anywhere; the house, grid, or battery, depending on many factors.

Hopefully we get some (good) answers soon!


That is why sense needs a few more sensors. I can see a need for four, Mains, Solar, Battery and generator and maybe even a fifth for special use. I would think by now it would not cost much more to add a few more sensors and increase the CPU, given that the original device is at least eight years old.

With hybrid inverters you don’t have AC cables where you can clamp on extra CT’s.
Your remark basically only is true for ac coupled batteries which is mainly T power walls


Hi everyone, we released a new update last week that made some tweaks to the Sense app for solar users to show your home’s power flow in the Now screen, see what percent of your power use is solar, and highlight key solar production metrics. Thanks for alerting us to the battery-reporting glitches. Our engineering team is aware and working to correct it.