Viewing Solar generation on the web

Is Sense solar normally visible in the web user interface when Meter is selected?

  • In the iPhone app I see the Solar generation and consumption in both the Now “Bubble” and Meter.
  • In the web interface I see solar only in the Now “Bubble”. When I select Meter I only see consumption.

I read the Sense Web feature but it didn’t specify if that was normal behavior so I I thought it was a bug and logged a ticket yesterday. My ticket was resolved today but I still do not see the Solar generation using Meter on the Web interface.

Now on my Iphone app I have a new issue as it seems my consumption is now mirroring the solar generation.

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Search for “supply side vs load side” on this forum.
This has happened to my setup multiple times over multiple years.
The computers suddenly decide it is time to change the setup of your configuration (for no known reason)
Contact support@ with your screenshot and they will return it.
Don’t expect your data (while this mis configuration on the Sense side happens) to be restored.
No, that would be too much…

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Thanks for the tip. I did the search and read a few of the threads to get a better idea of what is going on. For now support has re-opened my support ticket and escalated it.