Network outage causes "day statistics" to fail

So I got a new Internet ONT (Fiber network) installed and internet was down for about 2 hours. System came back online nicely, but I cannot display ANY of the Day data on the charts for “solar” , “trends”, and “devices” section. (Meter graph works fine and shows a 110 minute gap).

Only the Day view is broken and shows rolling orange dots forever. The Week, Month or Year view all work fine.

Almost looks like a bug…

(same problem on Android app as well as Chrome browser)

This might be related to a degradation in service they have had for the last couple hours that was just resolved.

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I never get to that message, just the rolling orange dots forever. Today it’s good again. (I still think it might be a software problem where under some conditions it waits for missing data forever instead of timing out quickly.)

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Hey @altenbach - this was definitely a part of the bug @ben mentioned last week that has since been resolved. Glad to hear everything is working for you.