New AC do I need to delete the old systems

We are having two new AC units installed
At the present time Sence had recognized both the old systems (both 5 Ton)
One of which was a dual stage (I am not sure if the two stage was the compressor or air handler but regardless, the new system comprise of a 5 ton replacing a 5 ton and a 3 ton replacing the other 5 ton do I need to delete the two old systems and wait for Sence to recognize them or leave every as is

I suggest waiting at least two months before deleting the old device definitions. This will allow the history associated with the old device to age out of consideration by the machine learning algorithm.

I learned this the hard way when I replaced my clothes dryer. I thought, similar to you, that it might help to delete the old definition. One week after doing so, however, Sense informed me that it had found a new device. Although I hoped it was the new appliance, when I studied the usage statistics for the new device, it turned out to be a nearly exact match for what I had just deleted. I waited two months then deleted it again. The second time, it stayed gone.

In my case, the new detection came another month later. I don’t think that timing had anything to do with me deleting the old device. Rather, this was just how long Sense took to build up sufficient history with the new device.

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Thanks for the heads up