Replaced AC unit - delete the old one?

I replaced one of my AC units yesterday with a more efficient one. If I remove the old one, will it do anything to speed up detection of the new one?

Probably not, but you might leave it just in case - it may convince itself it’s the same appliance! That was the case with my water heater. We replaced it and Sense thought it was the old one, never missed a beat!

I’m not certain, but deleting you’re old device may move the historical data of your old AC to ‘Other’. I’d rename it Old AC.

It only took five days to identify it - installed on Tuesday, showed up on Sunday. It didn’t equate it with the old one, probably because the energy usage is dramatically different.

It’s pretty cool to see real evidence of the change in efficiency in action. I went from a 9 SEER unit to a 14 SEER unit, both 2.5 ton. The theoretical energy usage is 3333W vs. 2142W, which equates to a 35% savings. My actuals (per Sense) are 3320W and 2002W, or a 39% savings.

Technically, the new unit is a “14-16 SEER”, and if Sense is telling the truth, it’s actually hitting about 15 SEER. Between that and the Nest thermostat, I’m expecting to see real savings from this. (Uh, leaving aside that I paid $5K for the unit … :slight_smile: )


This is awesome. Glad Sense got that detection so quickly!

Seriously, 5 days is crazy. I think it took about 6 months to find mine. Must be the crowd-sourced learning speeding things up, or am I understanding this process wrong?

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