New Device Notification time

For some reason I always get my New Device notifications when I’m at work and then of course when they’re things like “Motor 1” or “Heat 4” there’s no way for me to immediately check what this mystery device might be. So maybe having the option of setting a New Device notification time so I can have it set to 7 PM or something so I get them when I’m (most likely) home so I can immediately go hunt for those mystery devices :stuck_out_tongue: Leave the default to “As soon as available” or something so that those that just want it asap can still get it.

It would make my wife/kids happy because I won’t be bugging them from work with numerous texts like: “Hey can you go to the garage and turn my table saw on so I can see if this may be this new “Motor 3” that just got detected”, and “Well that wasn’t it, how about the chop saw?”, followed by the “The chop saw it the saw on the stand that is all the way in the corner”, etc :stuck_out_tongue:

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