New Math - 12/9 11:58PM until 12/9 11:58PM is 24 total hours

The new math since I graduated.

0 seconds = 24 hours

Now let’s dig a little deeper

Seems I had a spike up to around 130v at around 4AM

But does that spike show up under spikes?

Don’t be silly.

Speaking of which why are L1/L2 shown as 2 different columns above, but combined into 1 column below :man_shrugging:t3: /s

Anyone else think support breaks 4 things every time they fix one?


First, I think support doesn’t “break” things. That happens in engineering: they either break something that was working before, or they create it wrong in the first place.

  • The missed spike might be an example of the latter
  • The L1/L2 thing could be either but I am pretty sure that where you see L2 under L1, instead of besides it, it is a layout mistake because there are actually two columns. It is wrong nonetheless!

A question that remains is whether the data graphed for Dec 9 is actually the correct data for the date. Not only is the 4AM spike not reflected elsewhere, the 87V low is not represented in the graph. I have a strong suspicion that what is show is from a day before or after.

Overall it just appears Sense the company is floating on a few highly technical people responsible for the device recognition etc, and some more mediocre engineers for other things. Support seems outsourced overseas with predictable consequences: cheaper is often not better or acceptable.

  • I think those few highly technical people did a decent job with initial technology but in recent years there seems to be an almost stand still. My guess is they lost of a few key people, or the ones they have are now in over their head from an algorithms and math perspective, hence the slow progress (if you can call it that)
  • The mediocre engineering I have often seen happen (I frequently get hired as the “clean up specialist” when this puts companies in trouble) in companies that have a good or great business idea, but no understanding of engineering challenges, and the importance of a high quality product. C-suite management is often responsible for lots and lots of marketing and ignoring other aspects. Not enough money is spent on engineering/technology and often it means outsourcing development. That, just like overseas tech support, frequently seems attractive, but is not done well (you get what you pay for).

Now, mind you, all of this is some semi-educated guessing. Despite that, my sense is working well for me. Well enough that I haven’t found a better alternative.


The /s denotes sarcasm

Just 2 months ago it worked

But a month later in early November the graph stopped and never updated. Several sent in support requests based on posts here.

Sense finally restarted it after 3-4 weeks, but the new code broke 4 new things in the process.

And that’s why I do not open support tickets @Sense any longer


Job security… Gerry

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Another month. Same as the last. Certainly drawing it out for job security. Broke it 2 months ago.

Makes you wonder when Elon Musk fires 80% of the staff at Twitter and the actual tech runs better than before.