[Support]: High Support Ticket Volume

Happy holidays!
As you may already know, we’re currently experiencing high support ticket volume and it’s taking our team a little longer than usual to respond to open tickets.

If you currently have a Support ticket open and are waiting on a response, our team will get back to you as soon as possible. You’re welcome to reach out to me with any questions.

no worries, I figured as much, thank you for the update.

Everyone needs a break during the holidays … but if everyone is at home tinkering with their newly acquired devices, the people at Tech Support get overwhelmed.

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Any updates on support turn times? I submitted a request on Monday and no responses still. About to return my Sense because I cannot get it operational and it is making loud buzzing noises when the indicator light blinks that are concerning.

Hi @ryan2 - we’re currently at a slightly elevated support ticket volume, but that shouldn’t be significantly impacting support ticket times.

I took a look at your Support ticket and saw that both of your Support tickets entered our system yesterday (not Monday). I can look into this a bit more if you sent ones earlier in the week that were missed by our system.

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The first one was late Monday evening.