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Greetings all, My name is George, and I live on the West Coast of Florida, USA. I bought a sense to monitor my power and back-up generator. Its being a little sticky on the generator side, but the main utility power is reading and populating well. I sent a ticket in to see if they can help with the generator side, in the meanwhile, I’ll read through here to see if someone else has worked out this problem.

Hi, I’m Jake located in SE Virginia.

Been interested in Sense for a bit after I saw it spotlighted on Undecided a few months back, finally remembered to pull the trigger recently when he interviewed Mike last week and got it installed yesterday.

We’re in the process of getting solar quotes so one of the big things I’m looking for is a handle on my usage and what goes into it. Had a bit of fun getting it in as I have a recessed panel that’s drywalled over as well, pesky antenna.

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Hey there @jditoro3! Welcome to the community. I’m Justin, the Community Manager. I actually helped arrange that interview with Mike and Matt, glad you enjoyed it. You’re joining the Sense community during an exciting time. We’re looking forward to having you!

Gary here. I have a 7kW solar system, but the monitoring system was not accurate, and could not recognize the newer panels I added late last year. Therefore, the information was nearly useless, so I have been tacking production manually since January. I saw this product on Undecided with Matt Ferrell on YouTube, and decided to give it a try. Today is the first day.

I see the solar production in real time, but no power usage. I know it takes a few days to discover the devices, but shouldn’t the general usage show? It did show a small usage amount early this morning before solar production began, but nothing since. No devices discovered yet.

I am into the details of my energy usage (after installing solar) more than I thought I would be, but it’s interesting to watch the solar production change from day to day and season to season.

@ghsch (Gary), Welcome !
If you successfully made it through Sense setup, you should see both Solar Production (yellow) and Total Usage (orange) in the Power Meter view in your app. What does your Power Meter look like ?


Something is not right. Power sent to grid is showing as my usage??? When I switch the main connections around, usage goes to 0. When I switch solar connectors around, solar output goes negative.

App will not let me post screenshots.

Sounds like setup didn’t go right. Check in with They can help you come Monday. But you really shouldn’t be flipping around your CTs after setup.


Thanks for the info. I sent support an email.

One more thing - the web app for the community, is much more flexible, and does allow pictures. Very useful for these kinds of discussion.

A factory reset, then rerunning the setup program seems to have fixed the problem. I rechecked all the connections to assure the installation was correct, and this time it was successful. The first setup got hung up detecting the solar system. This must be done during daylight hours while the system is producing. Thanks again.


Glad you got this squared away @ghsch, we’re happy to have you!

Came here to discuss more advanced topics like generator use. I have been a user for over a year but have never had a chance to come into the forum. I am a computer engineer for a large communications company, and other than IoT cameras and door locks, don’t have much in the way of Smart Home gear yet.

I do post to Reddit under user : majorgearhead

Hope to be of some use to someone as I have taken the plunge in installing accessory CT clamps for my 22kW Generaac and ATS.


Hello! I live in Pacific Northwest. I got my Sense in May, installed it when my solar array went online. Neat to see the second by second pushing to grid.

Not much smart in the house other than me, at times that’s also debatable…

Have a big always on bubble, proportionally for me at least: I’m a decent miser at consumption. Haven’t seen a lot of findings from Sense so far.

As for barbeque, I’m from the South, Georgia, although my personal favorite is N Carolina vinegar style sauce.

I don’t post on Reddit, nearly never on Twitter as well, but I’m @SolverDude there.

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Brand new Sense user after installation yesterday. I have a 6.7Kw PV solar that has been doing “ok”, but it could be 10Kw now after adding a Chevy Bolt EV (with L2 charger) and just this past week we replaced the central AC that was dead when we bought the house here in Eastern CT 7 years ago. We installed a heat pump and the Solar was already undersized with the addition of the L2 unit. We also have an inground pool that was under reconstruction for much of the year that they solar company used to size our system. I wanted bigger but the rebates/tax incentives would only allow for a percentage of “current use”. I’m hoping to see where I can reduce costs or identify inefficient appliances. Especially since those of us here in CT pay ridiculous electrical ‘delivery’ rates.

I don’t post on social media much and haven’t gotten into the smart home as much as my job title as Network Administrator would imply. Having been a computer geek for well over 30 years you’d think my whole house would be “smart”.

Sorry for the droning on.

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A lot of solar house “load shifting” talk around here sounds relevant to your world:


Installed Sense yesterday. Use case: 100-amp sub-panel in my garage used for home shop. Mostly 240v equipment. Mainly want power metering for tax purposes. Any ID of equipment is a plus. The shop is a side gig - work in financial services/insurance.

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Hi everyone, just got this installed in my remodeled house!

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Hello All, I’m a Chief Engineer and installed Sense over the weekend. I’ve been keeping tabs on Sense for the past 2.5 years to see progress, user reviews, etc. however June 1st seemed like usage at our home went a bit higher and decided to order and get it going. Ordered Friday, received Sunday via Amazon!


Hi, im a Database Admin and installed Sense when I got a Solar system.


Hi @scottdmolloy! Welcome to the Sense Community :slight_smile: