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@mmilligan, I started January 15th and received a monthly summary, just partial. Was your for a full month?
If so, very impressive!

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You should also go post over here; it’s a thread dedicated to monthly email reports. Use your monthly reports!


YES, this is for the full month of January. My Sense was installed in late December 2018, so this is the first complete month of data!! I knew I was on the low end of use, but didn’t expect to be that low compared to others. PLUS, I just bought an all electric car in December 2018!! :smiley::deciduous_tree::evergreen_tree::seedling::leaves::herb:

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DONE! Thanks for directing me there.

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Hi all,
Today marks 7 days after Sense was installed in my home. So far, it has found 5 devices, and I’ve been able to confirm 3 of them. I’ve still got a “Heat 1” mystery device that is elusive, and a “Pump” mystery device I just haven’t had time go look for. I also have Sense solar and have enjoyed checking the graph to see how much I’m using vs producing.

I bought Sense to help me monitor and understand how much my renters are consuming in electricity. I currently rent out my basement and also have renters in a trailer out back. I’m hoping over time, Sense can identify devices they use and I can group these devices in a way that allows me to get a rough idea of the kWh for each set of renters. Already, I was able to recognize that the space heater they were using instead of their own propane heat was costing up to $120/month, so they agreed to switch back to propane heat.

I’m looking forward to Sense discovering more devices and to finally getting the energy bill back under control. I also can’t wait to interact more with the Sense community and support staff to make this tool better and learn from your own experiences.



Welcome, James! believe we also spoke via FB (I’m the guy over there as well :shushing_face:).

The use case for landlords and AirB&B-type hosts is definitely strong and something we don’t push very often. I’m definitely eager to see your updates.


I’ve had my Sense two days and I’m having a great time! I’ve been working in industrial controls, static power conversion, and most recently transmission substation design, for over 20 years. It’s safe to say I’m a power nerd.

Years ago I had a Z-Wave home automation system but when the hub died I didn’t have the heart to go through the setup of a new one so I abandoned that path and went with Homekit. In the process I lost the Aeotec energy monitors on my house and cistern and well pumps. “No biggie, whatever,” I thought.

Well, two years in a row our hot tub has died in the dead of winter. We only use it once every week or two (don’t point out the foolishness of keeping 400 gallons of water outside at 103 deg. F in Montana winters to use 20 minutes a week. I KNOW, but… Wife) so if the power goes out the pipes could easily freeze before I notice. Luckily, both times I did notice, but I got to thinking, I got to figure this out.

So I looked up home energy monitors and found Sense. It looked cool so I ordered it. I later found Curb and frankly if I found that first I would have bought it, which is not to say I regret the Sense, but Kudos to Sense for their marketing and SEO! I thought, even if Sense can’t detect my hot tub or pumps (I’d like to detect a failed well pump that doesn’t start as often as it should, and a cistern pump that runs too long could indicate a broken pipe), I know what they look like and I could spot the trouble. Already Sense has detected both my refrigerators and I put alerts on them if they quit running. Bonus!

So now at work I keep the web app up on one of my monitors and I’m just like,”Yep, there’s one fridge, and there’s the other. Hot tub heater, yep. Wait, what’s that?” As I said, Power Nerd.

I do have some questions and I’ll search the forums before I ask, but I just wanted to sign in and introduce myself. I really hope Sense succeeds, grows, and improves because they have a polished-looking product.

And my favorite barbecue is a Broil King.


Welcome! I definitely look forward to seeing your input here and happy to do my best to answer whatever questions you have. I would definitely recommend putting the Search function use first, as there’s lots of great content on here already.


Another newbie here! I actually got my Sense over 18 months ago but lagged on getting an electrician over to help me pull the meter so I could access the two main power legs. I finally got it done and am excited to start identifying devices. I’m a huge Building Science geek and can’t wait to get instrumented data from our power usage!!!

Redondo Beach, CA


Welcome Ryan,
I’ve only had Sense about 3 months but this is definitely the best electronics purchase I’ve ever made. Keep in mind one thing, PATIENCE. We all want detections really fast and a lot of them. They come at different speeds for all of us. Some will have a couple in the first month and other over a dozen. Don’t get discouraged if your home happens to be slower. There is not a set rate they should happen. Sense will learn from your home and in turn, you will learn from sense about your behaviors and use of electricity. Sometimes the detections will be inaccurate and identify a heater as a motor or something like that. This is where you will help “train” sense about your devices. It will not detect every single device or appliance in your home so hopefully your not expecting it to. I have 21 totally accurate detections right now which is above average for the timeframe. Just hang in there, read a lot and there is no such thing as a dumb question. There are a lot of people here to help.
I would suggest you familiarize yourself with the names in this link as they are the gurus here and where I turn to for help.
Good luck and feel free to PM me at anytime for any reason

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Welcome, Ryan — from another Ryan :+1:

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Hi folks,

I’m excited to use Sense, as I had tried to go (a cheaper route) with OpenEnergyMonitor, which I had working for a while, but since it was Raspberry Pi-based, any & every time the power would go out, the SD card would corrupt and I would have to set the entire thing back up again from scratch.

So by comparison, Sense is much cleaner, and easier to install and use. I’m happy :slight_smile:

I’m interested in all things electronics; I’m a PCB designer by trade, and by hobby; I loved the blog article about the design of the Sense boards :slight_smile:

I hope to help out here on the forum if I can, and gain some more insight as to how (well) it works.
See you around!


Hello everybody,

Name is Dave. I just got Sense delivered and immediately went and installed before I left for work tonight (literally, box went from front porch to counter to opened to in power box in less than 30 mins…lol…needless to say, set-up was a breeze!). So far about 4 hours in.
I work IT for Law Enforcement going on 16 years now.
We purchased our house about a year ago. Supposed to be “Energy efficient”. Spray foam insulation, super efficient windows etc. Our bill has been higher than our old/poorly insulated/drafty/larger rental we were in for a few years. I purchased Sense to help identify a reason.

The new house came with some Smart Home features, but a couple of them are not so smart…Aprilaire thermostat w/ 3 remote sensors, Kwikset bluetooth door lock (rant/on: Anyone heard of Aprilaire thermostat? The thing never stays connected and when I reconnect it, it switches from heat to A/C or A/C to heat, whichever I don’t want/need. The kwikset bluetooth door lock KILLS phone battery quickly and is a PIA to use for anyone but the one account owner, everyone else has to have a digital key…I pulled the batteries and use it as a regular dead-bolt now :rant/off), others like Ring doorbell, Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener and a couple Leviton switches are ok. I already had a Smartthings hub, door/window sensors and a few GE Z-Wave switches, a few echo’s, a Fire TV cube w/ Echo, several security cams and LED bulbs everywhere, so I have been adding those. Just today wife asked if I could get and install one of those “crank timer thingies”, I said “naw, I got this!” so I added a switch to a bathroom fan and found a routine in Smartthings app that turns it off after 10 mins use so kids don’t leave it on for hours…Love it!
Future plans I’d like to install off-grid Solar and Sense will help inform me how much I’ll need. I live in sunny AZ, why not!?

Wife just picked me up a Pit-Boss grille/smoker and I’ll be smoking some pork-butt this weekend. As I type this, I am munching on a co-workers smoked brisket. I’ll has to ask him for his rub recipe. :laughing:


Welcome! And welcome to the world of smokers!


Hi! I’m Raul

I live in Canada, working as a mobile software engineer and I have started using Sense just today

Im currently building a house in Mexico (sense still works!) and wanted to give this device a try (just installed it today) the house is about 80% complete and the device has been hooked.

Looking forward to watch the progress on how the house energy consumption grows and gets detected.


I live in PHX. Have had my house smart for two years, Sense for a year, and solar live since November. I ran two ac units and pool heat pump this month and my bill was $135 compared to 450 last year. Happy to share some tips for that brisket rub recipe! Gregg.


Welcome Gregg,
You’ve arrived at the perfect place to interact with likeminded Sense users and smart home enthusiasts in general.
A couple of thing that might be of interest are knowing who the community moderators are so I’ll provide a link below. You’ll see their avatars everywhere as each one of them is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
Since you’ve had Sense for a year, my guess is there are features that you would like to see. I’ll give you a link to the “product wishlist” for you to explore and see if anyone shares your ideas or you have something new.
Last is the “Ask Sense” thread. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered already and would like to know about it, this is where we can ask Sense and each month they pick a few to address in detail. They are in the process of collecting questions for May now and there are a couple great videos from past months there now.

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My name in Jim, and am a retired architect in Miami. We installed a 10.4kw solar system last summer. That turned me into a power nerd, smiling on sunny days and sad when a cloud passes over. I got a SENSE device for Christmas which lots of granular power info. I love the look my wife gives me when a new SENSE alert pings and I run around to ID the specific device. I just added 5 HS110:smart plugs which gave me lots of immediate satisfaction. Thank you forum members for the helpful hints.


Welcome Jim,
Sounds like you are off and running with your Sense monitor and enjoying it.
I also have smart plugs and started with ones that do not integrate with Sense and later added HS110’s.
Recently I added a couple HS300’s. I really like these as instead of losing half of a receptacle where a smart plug goes, I gain five. I am now able to track everything plugged into my entertainment center and my computer areas by using just one half of the receptacle and the other plug is still open.


My name is Alfonso, I’m a server engineer and live in Nicaragua. I have been using SENSE for a bit over a month and I love it. I also have a few Philips HUE bulbs, TP-Link Devices and other smart home gadgets… I understand Jim regarding the look the wife gives, mine does the same thing whenever I’m turning things on and off trying to figure out that recently discovered unknown device.