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Wow. That setup! :drooling_face:

And that log is fantastic to see. Stories like that make all of us happy here at Sense.

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Hello All,
Name is Louie, Ham Radio call sign KA2PFL. Retired Electronics Technician. Been working in the Electronics field my whole life, everything from owning a TV service shop in the 80’s to maintaining a statewide 800 MHz trunking radio and microwave system.

Hobbies include Electronics (of course) Ham Radio, Sailing, Motorcycle and Bicycle riding, Off Road riding in our restored M151A2 Military Jeep.

Installed Sense Solar 2 days ago. Solar system is a leased 5 kw 25 panel enphase inverter system. Purchased Sense mainly to keep tabs on usage versus net meter surplus. We can heat our home with gas hot water baseboard or minisplit heat pumps. Usually our net surplus allows us to heat our home until December with heat pumps.

This year, went overboard with heating the garage (projects) and had my first electric bill in 7 years. Hopefully Sense will make me more aware of my net surplus and keep me from going over my net credit.



Great to have you @Louie


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I’m Mike and I am trying to become more energy efficient. I purchased my sense just over a week ago and installed it myself this past Friday in the panel but didn’t like it in there and then reinstalled it Saturday outside the panel. I am a Chief Electronics Technician in the United States Coast Guard with almost 19 years experience and a background in radar technology/ instructor, communications technology/instructor, 2M repair technician/instructor and an MTR technician/instructor. I have a ring doorbell, Arlo smart cameras, OWL security cameras, Amazon echo plus, Philips Hue light bulbs, Ecobee3 smart thermostat with three remote sensors, MyQ garage door controller, I drive a 2014 BMW i3 REX and every single light in my house has been replaced with LED lights. I know I am missing something but i think thats a good enough start. What’s your favorite type of barbecue? ummmmmm that would have to be vinegar based Carolina barbecue of course.

Do you post on Reddit? Nope
Have a Twitter handle? Nope and my only social media is Facebook



Welcome @Louie and @mike_gessner!



Hi All,

I’m a casual Sense user looking to gain more insight into my power consumption and costs. I’ve had my Sense monitor learning for over a year now.




I just got my Sense late last week and installed it on Saturday (only a few bumps in the road to get it running!). I got a bunch of wirelesstag sensors almost a year and a half ago, so I could take a data driven approach to moisture issues in our crawl space. I do work around the public sector, but I’m an EE by education. Bullocks BBQ.



I think you will really enjoy the information available here.
And here is a post with the users names you will really want to get to know.
They will help you tremendously and all of them are very helpful to those of us that are new. I’m a month in.

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Thanks, Dan!



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Hi. I’m new to Sense. Mostly I installed this so I could monitor my Solar production, but I’m loving being able to monitor all of the devices that draw electric in my home!



Hello everyone! I’ve been a sense user/owner for a while now. I’ve loved it more and more as it continues to develop and new features are added! Last year I got an 11.4kw Solar system and I’ve been using sense even more!
I decided to come on over here to chat with Kevin1! Read a bit of the interview and found his R script for TOU. I just wanted to barebones attempt to run it but am having issues. I assume my account is probably waiting further verification before I can reply in the Data Analysis forums?

Thought I’d share my January Report for the funs too.



Hi everyone. Just installed my Sense this past weekend, and already loving it. Purchased after I had a problem with my Heatpump this winter. It went out in November, and there was no indication it went out as my 25kw auxiliary heat took over and the house stayed warm. I got a bill that was triple the previous month’s bill, and it took me another month to find the problem (and another triple amount bill). I asked the repair guy how I could know if this happened again, and he thought about it a few minutes and commented: I guess your electric bill would go up again… My heat pump has no external indications of if it’s working correctly. This put me on my journey to find a way to monitor my electric usage, and my research brought me to the Sense device. I can now instantly see when the auxiliary heat is on (although it hasn’t been identified yet - its the only 25kw device in the house and it spikes my usage). I look forward to using Sense to save electricity and monitor the health of my other critical electrical devices - well, sump pump, water heaters, etc. in my all electric house.



Hello @scj2023

Sorry to hear about your heat dilemma, I had the same thing happen last year.
While your waiting for the auxiliary/heat strips to be detected, see this pot from out moderator
About setting up an alert.
It won’t be an exact detection but with the size of your strips it would work.



Thanks. I’m trying this now.



Hello! I’m new to the forum, new to Sense, but a lifelong energy hobbyist. I just put one sense in my farm house where I live last week and today added one to the foreclosure lake house I bought across the street.

Unfortunately I had not read the forum to see that I can’t have to monitors on the same account so it appears that the second monitor has superseded the first and when I went to put the first back on it says it has been locked to the account. I’m wondering the best way to go about fixing this so that I don’t lose the data from the first monitor. I don’t care if I lose the data from the second as its only been on a couple hours. I do want to save the data already collected from the farm house though. I submitted a tech support request via the sense website but not sure if I will get a response any time soon. Previous questions through there have taken several days to answer.

Any suggestions that will guarantee I don’t lose the data from the first monitor I installed? Thanx in advance and I look forward to participating in the forum!

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Contact support to work out account issues. Don’t be so worried about losing a weeks worth of data. Not a big thing in the scheme of things recognitionwise.



I have contacted them, as I said. I was just also hoping that fellow users would be quicker with a solution. Thanx for your quick response though!



Umm…I am so excited to post my very first monthly summary, for January 2019!!!