New Router

Having trouble getting connected to my new router

The best route to get help is to reach out directly to the Support team, via But, we may be able to help here as well.

Can you describe the problem in a bit more detail? Are other devices connecting to the 2.4GHz network without issue? Are you seeing the related SSID in your list of possible networks to connect to in Sense?

Yes the 2.4 network is in use. What SSID am I looking for? My Sense Tablet sees the new router. Sense doesn’t see any networks. I off/on the breaker.

You’re looking for whatever 2.4GHz SSID you need to connect Sense to.

To reset your network connection on Sense, navigate to Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor and tap ‘Network’ under Network Connection. That will lead you through a flow to connect to a new network. if you’re doing that and not seeing any available wireless networks, you’ll definitely need to reach out to the Support team via the link above.

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