New white bar on usage tab what is it?

There is a change to the look of the usage page on the iPhone app.
If set in daily view, some days will have this white bar with a green money icon on the left. What is this?
If it’s just a change to the look, why would only be on some days and not others?
I’m assuming there is something different Ethernet the days and this bar is an indication but don’t know what it means.
Anyone know?

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I only have about 2 weeks of data to look at, but I don’t see this on any of my days on Android.

I’m seeing this with text on some of my days. Seems to highlight days where your power usage is higher than previous day. I’m on iPhone as well.


I’m not having any with text. Just the bar with the icon. I thought it might have something to do with goals but I don’t have any set.

Mine go both ways. The bar shows up in days where usage is higher or lower than the day before.

There is no new bar on the usage tab.

Nothing to see here, folks. Nothing at all…


Stay tuned…