I used to get semi-regular newsletters from Sense, by email. They seem to have stopped in Summer 2022? Is there an archive of these things? THanks.

Maybe @JuliaAtSense can help you locate these.

Hi @chris.telmer, we do send monthly newsletters out! It is possible you may have unsubscribed though. If you would like to sign up to continue receiving them, you can head to our website and scroll to the very bottom where it says “Get Sense Updates.” Plug your email in and you should be all set!

THanks very much Julia. I’ve signed up. However you didn’t answer part of my question: “Is there an archive of these things?”


@chris.telmer - sorry for missing that question! Unfortunately, we do not have an archive of past newsletters. We do share a lot of our blogs though, and those can be found here if you are interested: