No current usage shown

I recently disabled my Sense unit and after couple of days reinstalled it in the same panel, and relocated it due to the installation of a disconnect for a generator connection. after moving it I do not get any current readings. (shows 0w) I went through the setup process and and getting the following network info:
Status: Online
Network: ASUS
Network good as of 12/31 (current date)
Mains: -955…-344…
Voltage: 123v 123v
Freq: 60 Hz
Device Detection: Active
Devices Found: 19

I even got a notice that Sense detected a new device and named it stove with estimated yearly KWh/year but 0w ----

I corrected my mistake… I never paid attention to direction the CT’s were facing and had them both wrong thus giving me the negative readings on the mains and 0 readings on current usage Stupid me!

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Glad you were able to figure this out, @nebnut. It’s a common problem.