No usages information in graph since 10AM PDT on Nov 3

I noticed that when I go to Dashboard>Detail>Day>Today there are no bars since mid morning:

The “Now” page displays bubbles, so my monitor is up and running, but the solar/house W are both listed as 0. The “Solar” page displays no flows at all (there should be grid > house right now).

The “Now” side bar is reporting on/off events, but only from TP-Link based devices.

Meter stopped at 9:34AM.

I found no outage information on the status page, although there is kind of a spike around the time my data stops.

Monitor is running: 1.45.33-3672719-release

So then I power cycled my monitor. The consumption numbers are now back, as are the bubbles. So it was in some weird state where the TP-Link devices were monitored, the bubbles were updated accordingly, but totals and history were absent.