Notification for no solar produced

This could maybe even go in the “Significant energy changes” section. Even on the darkest, rainiest day, my system has never produced 0 kWh. If I go a full 24 hour period without producing any solar, I want to be notified immediately. It could mean my inverter has gone out. It could just mean that a neighborhood kid decided to pull the shutoff lever on the meter. Regardless, I want to be notified that something is wrong with my solar system.


Great idea! I’d like to see this too.

Thanks for suggesting this, it does seem like a fundamental alert that is fundamentally missing!

I’ve brought it up before … and for potentially more urgent reasons I think it’s a crucial alert:

The alert equation is actually quite interesting. In the absolute sense, near 0 watts, it’s trivial (during known-daylight hours) but you can imagine anomalies like huge dark clouds being something that could initiate an alert: “Your dryer load is delayed due to weather”.

I’d like this as well. One reason we recently added
Sense Monitor and Sense Solar was due to outages. In the 5 years we’ve been on a grid tied system we’ve had 2 outages. Both were grid caused spikes that knocked out a fuse in our utility disconnect. We missed days of grid power input. An alert would be appreciated…

That’s why I’d prefer it to be an alert if you produced 0 energy for the whole day and not a more instantaneous type alert, thought that would be helpful too it’s trickier to implement because of scenarios like what you describe.