Solar Production Interruption Notifications

I would like to set up Sense Solar so that if my solar system is not producing as it should (system down) I receive notification. Will Sense allow that? The main reason I bought the Sense monitor is that my monitoring company has failed 2 times since I owned my solar system to notify me of a down condition and I lost production weeks. Also the data from them is 3 to 4 days lagging. Can I set up any such notifications or can anyone think of another way to detect and notify me of a solar system outage?

You would need to integrate Sense with some other type of home automation such as Home Assistant and create an automation sequence.


Thank you I currently use SmartThings for home automation and I didn’t see Sense integration options in there. I’ll check github to see if anyone has created a way to do it and see the solar system production (not just the devices)

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I thought of a solution using the goals, however, it is not alerting me as I set it up. Contacted technical support and they seem to be stumped too. Can anyone else see why this should not work:

I set a goal stating that “I want my solar production at the end of each day to be over 15kWh”. This is just a test value that is in the midrange of the system typical output. I then expected to get a notification when the production did not exceed the 15kWh threshold and have not received a single notification yet. On a few recent cloudy days, the system was well under that amount and I did not receive a notification. I do receive other notifications from Sense so I know that the system recognizes my contact info.

FYI as you may know you can self-monitor system-wide issues that affect your notifications:

That suggested, the last Push Notifications incident report was June 9, 2021:

Thanks ixu. I am receiving other push notifications so I am guessing that is not the issue in this case. Good to know I can monitor/check though