Option to Verify Device Activity

It would be great to be able to slide over on the timeline to verify a device’s activity. For instance, there is something else in our house that looks like it’s our dishwasher motor which then shows up on the timeline. It is not the dishwasher as it is turned off, being able to flag this would be helpful to identifying devices and pointing out false positives.


Agreed. I got an alert that my clothes iron came on at 3 a.m. last night!

Lol! :joy:

I would agree … even if there was just a way to “thumb up” or “thumb down” when a device is detected. My oven shows as a toaster, but my toaster is detected correctly. I’d like to be able to just say “hey, this isn’t really my toaster” without having to send a full e-mail every time.


It’s great that Sense is trying to be totally hands off, but realistically, the users who’s going to buy this at its current iteration are very hands on types of people. Adding some options for users to add known information to the algorithm as well as an increase of prompts requesting information would go a long way at increasing the accuracy and speed at which Sense identifies devices.

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