Pool pump lost

Sense found my pool pump about a year ago, everything was fine for about nine months. A couple of months ago Sense developed problems detecting the pool pump. Support recommended deleting pool pump, which I did. Now no pool pump detection since deleting. Any help from Sense support? Karin

You would need to contact support directly for help from their end.
Help.sense.com and go all the way to the bottom of the page and click the orange button.
Alternatively, and the method I like to use is to go through the phone App.

It’s not uncommon for Sense to lose a detection and while it’s likely that it will be rediscovered, there are no guarantees. Perhaps something changed with your pump that you aren’t aware of.
Is there something causing the pump to use more or less power than it used to?

No the pool pump was reliably being detected for quite some time then one
day all of a sudden

Sometimes it was detected, then sometimes not. Nothing has changed with
regard to the pump

Configuration or the current being drawn. Just a flaky operation of Sense. Reported this behavior

To support, they suggested deleting device and let Sense
try to find it again. That was a couple of

Months ago, and so far no detection of pool pump. Albeit the first time Sense discovered the pool

Pump it took a couple of months of the pump operation, then it only showed
half of the total power

Being used by the pump, I had to report this operation to support and
they took a look at the data

And discovered the half power reporting error and fixed it.


You can read this blog post to learn how seasonality can negatively affect persistent device detection. In short, the home changes a lot over the course of a year and that can throw off detections. https://blog.sense.com/behind-scenes-lost-detection

There is one thing that could cause Sense to lose this detection. If it has a run Capacitor and the motor is requiring more or less amperage to get started, the signature would change. After the motor starts, the continuous draw likely would t change much if at all.
They cost about $20