Power Off Restart Reliabilty

Yes, we had another @PGE PSPS (power down to keep us from burning up). Sense went down momentarily while PowerWall2 battery came on…but also lost WiFi connectivity due to Comcast system going down for 2 hours. :point_right:t3: Sense was unable to reboot power and/or WiFi connectivity. I’m in China and son flipped breaker to get it back online. This isn’t an acceptable go forward in our NorCal world. Improve the fault tolerance of the WiFi connectivity and the power…just like the other 49 devices on my network that took it in stride. Feedback and action plan desired!


This sounds related to a hardware issue affecting some monitors. More info in this thread: RESOLVED: 1/10 Second Power Outage = Sense Offline

I suggest reaching out to Support and they can take a look.

Thanks Ryan. Will do.

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