Power Quality Chart - not up-dating - Nov 2022

Fixed some time near the start of 2023

Appears to be broken again as of end of January 2023, at least for me.

February 2023 - Update fyi:

My power quality chart is up to February 1 1:57 am — February 1 1:57 am.

It is giving me “voltage dips & spikes” info from over the past 30 days.

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Thanks for checking in - mine has only been updated to Jan 31, so I guess I’m seeing the same.

@Kathy seems to have a slightly more recent update.

Hi all!

I have been looking into power quality lagging behind. The requisite team is aware of this and working on correcting the backlog of updates. This issue affected many but not all or most users. Since this involves some manual fixing, when this will be done depends on several factors, but it shouldn’t be too long. So if you find that your power quality doesn’t update after about a week, let me know, and I’ll check back.

Thanks again for your patience and feedback. This helps makes our Labs features better.


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Hi All

All three issues related to Power Quality for the engineering ticket created on 14 December 2023 have been resolved. Please let me know if you see anything different.

These issues are

  1. “Voltage Dips & Spikes” shows “last {{0}} days” instead of whatever the actual number of days it is supposed to reflect. - The correct number should be displayed for dips and spikes.
  2. There is also an issue with the ‘power equality’ graph showing the exact date & time. IE: 9 December, 12:59 pm - 9 December, 12:59 pm. 8 December, 12:59 pm - 8 December, 12:59 pm (when you click previous), and so on. - The graph always showed a 24-hour period, and the dates in the graph now reflect that.
  3. Downloadable CSV appears blank when downloaded. - CSV should now have data as expected.

The issue with Voltage Now appearing as 0.0 V in the mobile app was recently reported and is not included here.

You may have noticed That issues 1 & 3 were resolved quite some time ago. That is true; since these issues were grouped together, I wanted to ensure the full fix was deployed without issue first.

Thanks again, everyone, for your patience. :slight_smile: :partying_face:
Time for a nap… :zzz:… just kidding!

CC @JuliaAtSense @obscuredtrip @kevin1


In the LABs view. As of today the line voltage part is reading 0 volts on L1 and L2. When I go to the regular monitor view the voltage is showing OK

My data has not been updating since March 14th. So the updated graphs still have issues. Are there any plans to fix ?

I too have issues with the power quality report. The last update for me was March 31. Due to an issue with my Solar inverter I could really use the data from April 6 - 8th. Vendor is claiming voltage swings.

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This has been a reoccurring issue since it’s inception a few years ago.
I’m sure Sense support is getting annoyed with this issue as well.
Sense claims power quality is still a very active project, despite no real improvements in many years. I can’t understand why Sense doesn’t dedicate more resources to coming out with a permanent fix for this issue. Seems rather tedious to have engineers manually updating the graphs once a month of so when it fails.


I’m seeing this same issue - my Power Quality data graph stopped updating. The graph shows March 29-30th as being the most recent data (and has a “Previous” link which shows March 28-29th). Meanwhile today’s date is April 13th, 2 weeks later.

It does reliably show the instantaneous “Voltage Now”, but the graph never updates to show any days since March 30th.

Is this the same issue as the user reported here? Should I start a new post/topic/message for what I’m seeing? (Not sure about the right terminology; this is my first post on this community forum.)


[EDIT: I’ve now submitted a bug report ticket as suggested by @kevin1 - thanks!]

@dholbert ,
This is the same issue showing up again, albeit perhaps across fewer users. Probably better to file a bug report using the link that @JamesDrewAtSense posted in this other thread.

Here’s the link, in case you don’t want to bounce over to the other thread.

Sense Bug Tracking Ticket

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new ticket submitted, getting tried of how they cant fix things themselves, this should be an easy one as they have fixed before, its like restart the MQ process or whatever it is.

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To: @JamesDrewAtSense

I am able to monitor 3 different SENSE “orange” monitors or 3 different accounts at 3 different residences.

Two SENSE units are correctly updating the LABS Voltage charts (Power Quality Chart).
One SENSE unit (Account) is not updating the LABS Voltage chart and has not since March 30th, 2023.

Is there a SENSE Server down? Why would some users be affected and not others?

This issue has not been resolved and has continued now for 19 days. Thanks

I also created a ticket and linked this thread.
Sense Support wanted me to send a screenshot “so that we can analyze the issue”.

Curious how Sense India is responding to everyone else’s tickets?
Are they not allowed to view this forum?

Unless @JamesDrewAtSense or @JuliaAtSense steps in I’m guessing it will take another 2 weeks before India is allowed to create an internal ticket to engineering and at least a month before all the data is backfilled.

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i havnt even gotten a response from my bug submission yesterday

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For those new forum users who haven’t read this blog starting back in Nov 2022…

This is my old post. Same problem, same comments…

To the forum administrators: This issue has not been resolved. Please change the topic status from “SOLVED” to “STILL ACTIVE” on this blog. Thanks

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Hi all,

I just wanted to address this power quality issue.
This is an issue where some monitors/users are not updating the power quality data as quickly as many users expect. We are working on significantly improving this project, but it is still in process and not happening yet.

To provide some context on how we handle this issue:

If we have a very large or noticeable batch/majority / all of the users with failed power quality, it tends to mean something didn’t go through in the backend, and we work to fix it.

This tends to be a manual process that only a few people within this company can do, and it takes a significant amount of human bandwidth.

The next major section is when individual or non-related user monitors fail to update. This can be harder as it still requires significant time to investigate and resolve power quality here. This tends to be different as it does not relate to a batch failure or full-on outage and is what is happening now.

I am gathering each user who reports an outage of their power quality graphs that have not been updated within the last 72 hours. I then verify and keep count of them and report the number.

This can help create urgency for the need to resolve this issue and also makes it so I can make sure when we are working on getting this issue resolved, I can check back on the affected users and make sure that their individual issues are resolved.

Unfortunately, at this time, we can not immediately fill each user’s graph with the most recent data, and I do not have a timeline for exactly when this will be resolved.

The main reason for this is that the power quality feature is and never was a fully-fledged feature expected to work 100%. Instead, it is a Sense Labs feature which means it is experimental and can be unreliable or break from time to time. While we do not desire for this to happen, we know they are not perfect. The process is a lot less automated than one may expect, and a lot of work is put into it when there are issues, which is frequent.

Think of Sense Labs as a preview of what we are working on and a chance to try new features for yourself. However, I would be careful to rely on this feature until it is removed from labs and placed in the main section of the app.

Thanks for your understanding and patience, and don’t hesitate to keep the info coming so I can gather and report it.