Power Quality Chart - not up-dating - Nov 2022

Update for everyone on the Power Quality issue:

As of today, the backlog is complete and all houses will be up to date. Users will receive updated data overnight. Keep in mind that “up-to-date” in this case means that the chart will be 24-48 hours behind the current date.

When working through this issue, we have identified another issue where the chart for power quality still needs to display correctly. While the Power Quality graph should update, the hours and dates may still be reading incorrectly. This is a separate issue that has been reported, and we are investigating it. Thank you to @obscuredtrip for flagging this issue to our team!

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Anthony looked into it and could see the time/date issue on their end as well. He updated the original engineering ticket and was looking into weather engineering wanted him to open a separate case or it can be rolled into the original issue.

Praying it can be rolled into the original ticket.

FYI: I also let James know that "“up-to-date” in this case means that the chart will be 24-48 hours behind the current date” is factually incorrect. Since the inception of labs power quality my graph has only updated 1-2x per week at most. It is extremely rare for my graph to be less than 72hrs behind.

Hopefully sooner than later this labs feature can be re-coded into a more usable format with regular updates. Especially how heavily it has been advertised by Michael Phillips CEO.
And highlighted on the product (sales) page as a full fledged feature.

Nowhere on the on the sales page link does it mention it is a preview or an incomplete experiment. Sense Labs - Sense.com

Just a suggestion to pass along, if a feature (as desired and useful as this) is used as a marketing point it should be an actual feature, not a many year old ‘new’ preview that is “experimental and can be unreliable or break from time to time”. This appears to be intentionally deceptive.


Howdy Kevin, I can go on without the “niceties”, old habits die hard.

The “power meter” doesn’t drop out like the “power quality” graph.

I appreciate your offer to provide a second set of eyes on my Sense monitor data.
I currently have too many pots on the stove to dive into a home assistant or python or these other avenues.
I will give you a holler when I feel up for the adventure.

I am now confused about all the chatter about DNS, etc.
I’m getting a lot of messages about various topics from different people.

I am confused about how and who reports should go about power quality graphs, the lack of up-date, the data drops, date errors, etc.

Sending notes to the support team seems useless, the conversations with Julia seem limited to the guys, and it just seems like an overall cluster …

But that may just be me. My sense monitor is now offline. I have switched off the breakers for a bit and brought them back up without success. So my phone app and web app are now dead in the water again.

It’s too bad cause I could really use it today. But we were also turning power off, switching between powerwalls and generator to solve a frequency issue so it’s no surprise Sense couldn’t handle it.

I’ll just ignore it for awhile and maybe it will come back on-line.

Thanks for the offer of assistance and for your patience, including with my vent.

Happy Holidays!


did this break again? my power quality is on 12/19 currently, and its been there for a few days, normally its 1 to 2 days behind max, so as its 4+ days currently sounds to me like its broken again.

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Hi- my power quality graph is stuck on December 18th.

Stuck on 12/19 here

My current graph, - date range still displaying wrong.

No changes since reporting these errors about 30 days ago

Graph updated again. It’s REALLY ANNOING when the updates cause the previous graphs to show different time periods. 12:59-12:59 is now 7:59-7:59. Why can’t it be 00:00-12:59?


On that note I wish I could have been alerted to the voltage issues at the time. Lost a couple devices because of it.
Nice to know the cause after the fact, but would have been better knowing at the time so I could have taken action.


Man, that’s an ugly power waveform… You might be a good candidate for Home Assistant watching over your grid voltage more realtime, until Sense fully productizes this lab component.

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That was during the Buffalo Blizzard, 75-80mph wind gusts, 4.5’ of snow.

Lost power about 9:30am-7:45pm on the 23rd. Trees took down the lines in multiple spots.
Power quality was quite poor afterwards.
On the 24th at about 1pm we had a brownout 48-50V on each leg. They killed the power about 6:30pm-8:30pm to make repairs on 34k distribution lines that came down.

Had a portable generator with extension cords powering aquariums, sump pump, fireplace (insert) fan, tv and lights. NOT connected to home wiring.

Note that Sense stayed running with only 48-50v.

Appears the “power quality graph” takes about 30min to get up and running once the power is restored, while the “power meter” resumes reporting as soon as power is restored.


My Power quality lab has not up-dated since December 27, 2022.

Hi all,Obscuredtrip - glad you made it through the storm. Wild weather; interesting to see it reflected with power quality.

Mine has updated to January 1 as of today. As Sense has suggested, it still updates about 48 hours behind the actual time.

@obscuredtrip , based on a few things I have seen, I’m not sure that the Sense Monitor has the same 6 hour memory for voltage history that it has for keeping power history, when the monitor gets disconnected from the Internet.

It was interesting to say the least.
Power has been pretty stable since, though sustained voltage has been at the upper limit around 126-127v since.

It does appear that way.
PM you.

Hi @Kathy and all,

If you guys do have an absolute need to see your grid voltage and frequency in close to real-time, here’s a simple piece of python code that illustrates how to do it using the informal API. I think the API is rate limited to one update_realtime every minute so set my polling to 60 seconds. You could change to a longer interval to meet your needs, send the print to a file and change the time and other formatting as needed.

from sense_energy import Senseable
import time

sense = Senseable()
sense.authenticate('login@myemail.com', 'password')

while True:
    t = time.asctime(time.localtime())
    print (t," ", sense.active_voltage, "V", sense.active_frequency, "Hz")

Here’s a sample of the output.


Sense have bad case of studdering?

Appears it not just me

I have very little confidence in count based on all these duplicates, triplicates and more.


48 hours?

I’m just about coming up on a week now

BTW, how does one even begin to figure out which day this actually was in the first place?

Was it in reality the 2nd to the 3rd?

Or was it the 3rd to the 4th?

Seems like the only 48 hour question is what 24 hours the graph actually is showing in a 48 hour range.


I do not have an absolute need to see grid voltage and frequency.

My power quality graph is still stuck on January 4th, and the time stamp is also relatively useless.

I thought Sense wanted to know if the power quality graph wasn’t up-dating in the 48 hr time frame.

I am disappointed as the power quality lab has value to me but not enough to invest more time in the project right now.

But I appreciate the Nifty bit of python code; thank you for sharing it!


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Sense is aware of the never ending issues us users have been having and reporting with the power meter. Apparently they are actively working on and (internally) testing improvements and fixes to the “power quality” feature which will be rolled out in a upcoming update. I don’t know what all this entails or the time frame but it sounds as if they are finishing re-writing the code for labs/power quality, therefor will not be making (temporary) fixes to the existing code.

So we will all have to deal with this a bit longer (hopefully not too long) it does seem as if we finally got their attention to get moving on this valuable feature that had seemingly got put on the back burner since it’s initial inception. I think they are really trying to get it right, to avoid looking to amateurish this time around. Let us pray.

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