Provide positive feedback to ML algorithm

Right now we can already provide negative feedback. If a device is incorrectly detected as running, you can tap the bubble to open the device’s page > gear icon > manage > report a problem > device is not on.

I have a couple of devices that Sense tends to confuse. When my wife turns the hair dryer on, Sense thinks my dish washer comes on, and certain parts of the dryer cycle apparently looks similar to the large eye on my stove. I already provide the negative feedback when I can, but I’ve been doing this for weeks and it doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference.

What I would like, is an option to report “device is currently on” to the ML algorithm. I know y’all get requests a lot to allow for manual training, but I feel like this is a sufficiently different request. Instead of trying to train on/off times, I just want to provide feedback to the algorithm to let it know it got something right.