Question on trend data

My question has to do with the data in the Trend displays and is directed to @BenAtSense .

Until a device is identified, the wattage it uses is placed into the ‘Other’ category. Once it is identified, that wattage is removed from the ‘Other’ catagory and recorded under the device name. What happens to the historical data for that wattage? Does it get removed from the ‘Other’ group or what?

Based on what I see in my Trend data, it looks like it may be removed from the ‘Other’ category in the past. Wonder if you can confirm this?

Thanks in advance.


I’ve just seen this happen as my largest load was detected in the last couple of days and it’s easy to see the difference in Other.

Yes, in my case going back say 6 weeks, the usage of the new load has been deducted from my Other histogram, but clearly remains as part of my Other data prior to that point.

It’s about half my total winter consumption so easy to see.

What this does tell me also is that for this less common load (a whole-house humidifier generating its own steam), the detection process has been running for that six week period, very impressive.

However something is still being refined as it has now gone back into Other, i.e. no consumption logged in the new device over the last couple of days, although it’s still been doing its (necessary) considerable damage to my wallet.

Hi @Fred_W - sorry for my delay in getting back to you!

Ourlatest update to the app (which just came out a few minutes ago) now backfills this historical data as you requested. We’ve been working on getting this implemented for a while, and hopefully this will be helpful. Let us know how it works for you.


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