Refrigerator thinks it's my AC all of a sudden

Sent this in to Sense support, but also wanted to post here.

So my fridge got detected a long time ago. Never had any problems with it.

I thought my Central AC would get picked up by now, but it hasn’t. I can obviously see when it when on/off in the “Other” device. However, over the last 3 days the whenever my AC goes on, Sense is labeling and attributing it to my Fridge. At no time has my AC been detected or merged with anything.

Has anyone elses Sense all of a sudden started picking up a different device and adding it to an existing device?

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Hey @gjhead. Thanks for sharing screenshots! At first glance, this appears to be a conflation issue with a specific component from your Fridge/AC. With Summer prompting more frequent AC use, this could be driving some conflation here. Just an educated guess from my end, but Support will be able to look at the individual energy signatures here in your back-end data and give you a more definitive answer.

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Thanks, Justin! Looking forward to hearing back from Support about this one!