[RESOLVED]: System Outage - June 14th 2021

Hi all just noticed when logging in below. nOW working be timeline, etc. not. Not internet issues at home since I’m actively working and on web conference calls.

Same thing here I just email tech support

Yes, I see similar behavior on my IOS app. The web app seems to be affected, too. status.sense.com has most things normal, except for this:

I too am experiencing trouble gaining access to the Sense data. None of the interfaces is working,


Glad I am not alone same issues on IOS. My network is fine, the web interface has no error just my phone. The Trends tab in IOS or the web site will not display any data like Usage, Compare or Solar.

Yep, same.

I’m jealous of how many devices you have identified.

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Me too. I cannot select a device.

Hi everyone - we’re working on a server-based issue that’s currently impacting several different features in the app and Web app. I’ll post an update here when this is resolved, or you can follow status.sense.com for an update (thanks for mentioning it, @jefflayman!)


Woke up this morning to the following pop up error in the app:

Network problem - There was a problem connecting to the sense service.

What’s odd is the live timeline and bubbles are updating fine. Certain other data, however, just spins.

Anyone else having this issue? I rebooted network but no luck. Outage page shows nothing, but if Memorial Day was any indicator, I don’t necessary trust that.

Edit: My post was delayed due to moderation hold.

Thanks for the patience here. Everything should be back online as of 10 am, but the system is still processing a backlog of events (including timeline items).