Sense, 1 Month In Experiences and Learnings

One month since installation, and thought I’d share some stories. I got Sense because I changed to a “Smart Rate” with my utility company, and when I changed, they stopped reporting my daily usage on their website. Their customer service said, “The rate was too complicated to provide a daily usage rate.” Dirty dawgs. So, it isn’t even about the money now, I just want to game this rate. Here is a link to it.

Device Detection:
Still slow going. Most recent addition was the bin empty vacuum on my Roomba.

Recently learned there is an IFTTT integration for device on/off with Sense. So, I set up a routine to put my hot water heater in away mode for 2 hours, whenever my clothes dryer is on. The attempt is to reduce my demand by not having both of my heavy hitters on at the same time.

Like many of you, I still wish I could take a waveform that I recognize, and know what it is associated with, and do that without having to wait for device detection.

I do feel Sense will save me money, if for no other reason than educating me on what uses the most power, or the least power.