Sense Bubbles Missing after Solar Add-On?

After installing Solar ad on, usage bubbles are not showing when solar is sending back to the grid. The device list n the side is still identifying everything as it turns on and off, just don’t have a bubble for it. And the solar appears to be sending everything back to the grid, which it obviously isn’t. As soon as solar production goes down, the bubbles come back.

This is a software issue at Sense.

Once solar is setup, there are 2 scenario’s possible:

load side
solar is connected to a breaker on the main panel (usually opposite side of the main breaker) on the main bus bar


supply side
where solar is connected through a fused disconnect to the point where the main breaker and the bus bar (with all the load breakers of the house) are connected.

In each case the Sense unit needs to calculate things differently between the load CT’s and the solar CT’s (add or subtract one from each other).

When Sense determines the wrong mode, you will get what you are describing.
Sense is not able to recognize the loads (by means of the bubbles) during PV generation.

Over the years I am a customer, it happened multiple times my unit suddenly switched from the one mode to the other mode.
An email to support normally changes it back back to the right settings.

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