Sense down?

Thanks Julia. Please pass on the request to have the visible from within the app. It would also be nice if the app would give users a pop up notification alerting them to known issues.


Are we having problems again? Started to become unresponsive in the last hour or so. Noticed the API time and web interface are affected.

There is a spike in API response time. My access is not working.

1 Like is now reporting an issue that is affecting parts of the realtime monitoring.

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For the past 2 days, both my Android phone and Apple iPad cannot reliably access the Sense Energy Monitor server. The server is extremely flaky and often offline. However, the online Sense Status report is saying that there have been no reports of outages and “All Systems Operational”, even though the app could not connect to the server on Nov 7 and Nov 8. Not true!

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Yes, there was a partial outage between around 6 PM EST and 11:10 PM. It was related to the now tab. We identified it quickly, and it has since been resolved.


@JuliaAtSense Down again?

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My IOS and web apps are not looking good.
TZ is EST.

Yes @lane03, we are experiencing another outage, but rest assured, our team is already on it! Will keep you all updated.

Update here - our team found the issue and everything should be resolved now. If you are still experiencing any problems, you can always contact our Support team via

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@JuliaAtSense ( says all is good, but looks like it’s down again…

Edit: Glitch in matrix. Looks like it’s back.