Sense "forgetting" devices; is there a theoretical max # of devices?

Do device power signatures evolve, change or degrade over time such that Sense no longer detects and identifies them as it originally did? Over the past 90d or so, Sense has started ‘forgetting’ things. My oven has disappeared, as has my Samsung stovetop (less than a year old) two Samsung TVs (less than 2yo); my dryer has now morphed into a 3rd device (I’m assuming Sense is reading the tumbler motor, and the heating element separately… suddenly I’ve got a 3rd dryer component. Additionally, I’m up to my fifth ‘Mystery Device’ detected in in the last 30d. Four of five have been categorized heat sources. Thoughts or suggestions?

Sidebar question: Does Sense have a max # of devices it can track?

The short answer is Yes. Devices can look different over time (or run in different modes), as can your entire home. This blog would be worth reading to learn some of the reasons why: