Sense Labs Power Quality - Odd graph labels

I live in a suburb of Dallas and we’ve been having ‘rolling’ blackouts. Tuesday the power was off for several stretches yet the Sense Labs graph of power quality shows a 13 hour period with continuous good voltage the whole time. The axis is labeled with a 24 hour period. Odd.

Thanks for sharing this @demiller9 - sorry to hear about all the recent blackouts, hope you and your family are alright.

I’m going to share this with our team here. My initial thought is this has something to do with the loss of power/your monitor being offline, but I’ll hold off on speculating on the issue.

Do we have permission to look at your data?

This isnt a one-of occurrence. A few weeks ago, I had some work done on my service entrance where the electricians had to pull the meter. Upon restoration of power, the power quality graph showed no interruption of power where as the power graph showed a 3 hour outage.

Also, the voltage spikes shown in the graph do not correlate with any of the events in the Voltage Dips & Spike list of the last 30 days. Its almost as if the graph is shifted in time from reality.

@JustinAtSense Yes, you and the team have permission to look at all of my data.

Thanks @demiller9 - the underlying issue here is related to how we display missing data in the Voltage graph while Sense is offline. We’re aware of this issue and will provide an update once we have more information.

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