Sense misidentifed washer as dryer, and vice versa

So, I redefined these two devices, by editing the two listings. This action made a mess, first by redefining the HP laserjet printer as the Dryer! I didn’t edit the printer, Sense just did it right after I redefined the Dryer. Then, Sense stopped communicating with my iPhone. It just shows three red dots cycling at the top. Sheesh.

By the way, the dryer setting was on “wrinkle block” which causes the drum to come on and off with a frequency, not unlike a washer drum … but the thing is, Sense knew I have a washer and a dryer, just had reversed the identities. My correction trashed the whole deal and corrupted a previously-uninvolved laser printer (actually, two laser printers: Sense combined them into a single device even though they are different models). What a mess.

If (when) Sense confuses two devices and reverses their identity compared to reality, what is the best practice to fix it? I edited the identities to correspond to what I knew. Should I have referred it to tech support via “report a problem” or something? This sure didn’t work right.