Sense news and notifications

In my web app Sense continues to show old news which I try to delete without success. It is repetitive and not useful. Any way to curb this?

@treznik , old news ???

I’m guessing the timeline notifications for new devices, (discovered) always on, etc… no no matter how many times you X the box they re-appear for days and days on both platforms.

@treznik Eventually they will stop showing up, you just have to wait it out.

Messages labelled news which are old such as Sense found a new device and labelled it Fridge 2, your energy use spiked…, etc. These messages range from a few days old to more than a few weeks. They seem to just accumulate. I went into settings to change notifications after deleting these messages but they just keep reappearing.


I’m guessing they are showing as Sense backfills all the data it has collected but hasn’t summarized in the Trends and Timelines yet.

Maybe a picture will help us distinguish between news and notifications. Here is a view from my mobile app. From the Now tab, if I swipe up on the bottom panel, the news/notification area gets bigger and the bubbles get smaller while their colors become muted.

That bottom panel has a mix of news and notifications. News that is “new” has an X in the top corner and stays at the top of the list. Once I have clicked the X, then the news stays on the screen but drops into chronological order. In this case, my sump came on after I installed the two new Kasa plugs. If I scroll that list, I can see news events back a long way (I gave up scrolling after a while so don’t know how far back the history goes).

For me, once I have clicked the X on a news item, the X itself disappears but the item remains as part of history. In the screen capture above, these “old” news items do not have an X. However, I have noticed that clicking the X on my phone, for example, only makes the item drop into chronological order on my phone. That is, the tablet has its own X, as does the web app. For each respective device, I have to click the X on the news item for it to drop into history.

You seem to be saying that clicking your X does not make the X disappear, nor does the item drop into historical order. I wonder if you need to have cookies enabled for each device to remember which news items have been “seen”. Maybe you have disabled cookies and that is why clicking your X does not make the X disappear. Just an idea.

Notifications behave differently. In the screen capture above, I get notifications about my sump pump. Those automatically stay in chronological order, and do not ever have an X.

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For me, when I click the X it disappears, only for the exact same ‘notification’ to (randomly) re-appear (on top) hours or days later and continues for up to a week. They never move down the list.
New device, found always on, etc…

It’s not cookies, as it happens on both web & mobile, different browsers, devices. Clearing cookies/cashes does not help. Has been this way for years. Pretty sure I brough this issue up quite some time ago, but went nowhere. Not a big deal more so an annoyance having to repetitively X the same thing.