Share Product Wishlist statistics

It would be nice to see a list of “wishlist” items and the statistics for how many topics and replies there are for each item.
Going deeper, it would also be nice to see which are on or not on the map and their progress.

It would go a long way to make it appear like mor than a junk drawer nobody opens.

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Like the vast majority of consumer electronics companies, we do not make our roadmap public.

You can see a list of features from Product Wishlist that we’ve released here:

I completely understand not sharing a detailed map. Might end up like Amazon echo Auto that was supposed to roll out a year ago.
But would be nice to know if wishlist items are at least on the radar.
I know that some things have been addressed, mainly proven by the great support for those with EV’s.

The short answer is that many, many things are on the radar. That said — let me painfully try and extend the metaphor — sometimes a new squadron of fighter jets flies onto the radar and we have to stop paying attention to that slower group of bombers in order to focus on the new threat. Point is, things have to get dropped or pushed out for numerous reasons. As your example of Amazon shows (and I’m sure we could think of countless others), even noting that something is “on the radar” amounts to a promise for a lot of people.

I can say that I follow Product Wishlist and forward threads from it on to the Product Team where they get discussed. This isn’t just a place for you all to shout into the ether, as I hope the Released Features subcategory shows.

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