Solar clamp location with Tesla solar & PowerWall+

Hi everyone, I now have Tesla solar panels & a PowerWall+ on my house.

I’d like to track the solar with Sense, so I installed the solar clamps in my Tesla Gateway 2 panel and put the clamps on the PW leads (?)

and my usage looks like this:

I’m wondering if I need to move them to a different location? They seem to be picking up solar production (yay), but also whenever the house uses the PW as it’s source (yay…nay?), such as at night…

Does anyone else have a similar setup they can recommend what works for them?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Did you find and read through this thread? …

Yes, that thread was very helpful, but I didn’t see any photos or screenshots that mimic my install 100% so I was just asking.

I may move the CTs from the top left breaker to the bottom feeds like that photo shows and see how it works out.

I have the same exact setup i just installed the monitor in the main panel not the gayeway the solar clamps go on the leads going to the gatewat from the main and the energy clamps goes on the pseg leads. It works great dont see any solar production because im not sending anything back to pseg yet. I mainly use sense to see what i am using internal to the house and use the tesla app to see solar production and energy usage from the grid. Let me know if that helps