Tesla Solar and PowerWall+, how to monitor JUST solar

Hi everyone,

I have a PowerWall+, which is a PowerWall 2 with attached Inverter, not a separate inverter.
I wanted to share about how to measure the actual solar output from your solar panels only and not the PowerWall+ when powering the house.

You can see graph where the solar reading turned from jagged to smooth; that was when I moved the clamps to the new wires; the blue/yellow pair, that already have a CT on them (most likely for the Tesla monitoring).

I had to use an extension harness to run all the way from my breaker box inside the house, all the way back to the inverter; it wasn’t fun, but to me the result is worth it.

(I’m not sure why the solar has small drops at every half-hour, on the half-hour…?)

These 2 pictures are of where I had the clamps before; these locations (I think they’re actually the same readings) will monitor the house being powered by solar or powerwall or solar & powerwall.

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