Solar enabled by itself (maybe)?

So, my solar system was activated on Friday. 12.2kW of goodness.

I tried during the weekend to get solar enabled in Sense (the solar company was kind enough to install the CTs when they setup the system), but I was having some problem. It would detect the solar, ask me to turn off the inverters, then error out. Was a bit busy so didn’t have time to look at it.

Cue today and I’m finished work, so lets go and see if going or at least screen shot the errors to report, but I opened the app and it’s showing solar production, and I go into the settings and sure enough solar is listed as enabled.


So I’m tooling around a bit and take a look at things on the webapp, and the Now bubbles show solar, but the Meter doesn’t show the solr production.

So I go into the web settings, and I’m seeing this.

So I’m in some weird half state. According to the power graph on my app it self enabled about 11am this morning. Is this going to resolve itself, or am I opening a ticket?

Hey there @jditoro3 - if you haven’t already, I definitely recommend reaching out to to open a ticket. Not sure what happened here, but Support will definitely be able to tell you more.