Solar setup failing after reset

Beginning of new month, good time to reset my sense (open clamp prevented sense from detecting new stuff)
Reset goes without a hitch.
Enabling solar not so much.
Early in the morning, so not much sun out yet but the mains reading was already going negative.
I enable solar in the app
It shows 262 watt of solar being generated, asks me to turn off inverter.
I flip breaker in the main panel.
App/sense doesn’t seem to detect solar is going to 0

and times out

Any ideas apart from waiting for support@ on Monday?
This was working yesterday, I only reset the data (as suggested by Sense because of open CT clamp detected)

This is what it looks when I cancel enabling solar

and after switching breaker back on

IMO there is enough solar to detect.
So why is sense not detecting solar going to 0 ?

It turns out I had to outsmart Sense

I tried one more time

Sense did not detect solar production going down to 0 after flipping the breaker.

So i killed the app, restarted it while the breakers were still in the off position and enabled solar again:

It detected the 0 solar and continued, after I turned the breakers back on and waited for the inverter to come back online

Not the way I expected it to work, but I got it done.
Maybe someone might have the same in the future and could use this as a reference how to trick Sense in detecting solar :wink: