Solar Setup Failure - Mixed Polarity


Here’s an error message that I got while configuring the solar module. This happens after the step that asks you to turn back the inverter on.

One thing of note is that the main does reflect solar production in the form of negative wattage. Since I’m a new user I can only post 1 image at a time. So i cant post the negative wattage image.



Here’s an image of the settings screen that shows negative wattage coming from what looks like the Solar output


Hey @perze.ababa, I’d reach out to our technical support team at They’ll be able to help you get set up! Sorry to hear you’re running into an issue.


will do. Thank you very much



I had a similar issue with my solar set-up. What I had to do is the following:

  1. I ensured the CT clamps were installed correctly. At a bare minimum each pair of clamps should have the labels facing in the same direction. I suggest solar labels face in while electric main face out. Ref:

  2. Factory reset during daytime

  3. Follow install procedures.

  4. It will take almost 24-48 hours to do a complete set-up. If errors are found, Sense will try to fix them for about 48 hours extra.

You should only see negative numbers on the solar side at night time. NIGHT TIME ONLY!!! I have two solar inverters and at the highest they consume 22watts at the lowest 7watts. Those numbers reflect as a negative number.

Sense will not account for the amount of power sent to the grid.


Thank you for your response @latimerf. Can you clarify what you mean by “facing in” and “facing out”?


In the link above you will find this diagram

At the top you will see the sensors for the main electric line. Those labels should face away from the beakers (out).

On the bottom left you will se the solar sensors. The labels should face towards the breakers (in).

I didn’t do it that way when I initially installed the system.

. That generated and error and Sense had to work on fixing it on its own. After about 48hrs it recognized what I did and started operating normally.


This is important. It will only generate another error and more wait time.

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