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Hello, I installed my Sense device yesterday, and immediately went through the setup wizard in the Andriod app. I have solar panels, so the 1st thing I see is the solar setup. “Starting setup” completed fine, as well as “Waiting for off”. When instructed to turn my inverter back on, I am stuck at “Waiting for on” for hours. I have tried the process 3 times with the same results. Anyone have any idea what else to try, besides returning the product?

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Check your CT clamps for the following.
Make sure you only have 1 wire per clamp and have not accidentally clamped two wires.
Make sure the clamps are facing in the same direction. (very important)
Make sure clamps are completely closed.
Make sure main clamps point in the same direction and are completely closed.
That should find your problem. If not email tech support. They are fantastic.


Thank you, I will double-check that. I have emailed tech support, but they are only available Mon-Fri.


What to expect with this product. Once you work out your problem with solar monitoring, you will immediately enjoy real time feed back on your solar output vs real time output of your household use. I have found this to be the important information as I plan to add a Tesla Powerwall. This basic information has allowed me to see how much storage I need for the future and it was much better than I anticipated. This alone made the Sense monitor worth the purchase for me.

As for individual device detection. This takes months. Be patient. You may start seeing items appear in a couple of days, but it will take at least weeks to see the bulk of your components. I have had the unit for about 90 days. It has detected 30 independent items and covers about 30 more in a category called “Always On”. If you have an EV, they are still working on the algorithms unless you have a Tesla. I have an Envoy monitor for my solar panels that only updates every 15 minutes. Having my overall usage updated in real time is fantastic. As more people log the manufactures and model numbers of unique electrical signatures, we will see more devices. It found my Keurig Coffe maker by name. I found that pretty impressive. Most items require acknowledgement.


Triple checked everything, still no change. Showing “Waiting for on” and "Current solar production 0 W. It’s a bright sunny day here. This has been very frustrating. The unit is about to go back in the box.


Looks like the solar clamps need to be connected to the box outside the house. Sense isn’t going to work for me. I’m returning it.


I was able to build an extender (it’s a standard connector, available thru Amazon) for the too short current transformer cables after going around with Sense for weeks. This is common enough so that you would think Sense would have a better solution.

My solar monitoring now works well, matching the Enphase, (my standard whole house monitor which works great) , and revenue grade meter quite closely after factoring in things like line losses.


You might post a link to them if you think of it, so the next time this happens to someone we can reference it :wink:


I bought the Sense for ease of installation. In my case I would have to buy an extender and drill through concrete. I don’t want to do either.

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Did you get through to Support yet?

If not, I may be able to help. How does your solar feed into your main panel, or does it not?


It does not. The breaker is installed outside so the utility company has access.


The utility company needs access to a disconnect. They don’t have to have access to a breaker if that makes any difference.


That’s just how it was set up by the Sungevity contractor. It is too far from the main electrical box for the standard Sense install.


I have a similar setup - panels and disconnect ~ 100ft from my main panel and it works fine. Setup took me a few tries though and was a bit frustrating. My panels wait 15 minutes after an ‘off’ before they produce again and Sense gave up ‘waiting for on’ a few times. Do you have any way to verify that your array is actually producing? Just because the suns out doesn’t mean they are.


Yes, I have an app on my phone that shows me solar production. How did you get your sensors to run 100 feet to your disconnect?


My system is breaker fed, so my sensors are in the main panel on that breaker. My entire PV array is on/in an outbuilding - there’s a sub-panel in the building with a disconnect on the exterior wall probably similar to yours. But you said your array doesn’t feed your main panel? Does it just power your outbuilding? I don’t understand that part of your setup. Maybe explain it a little more and we might be able to help.
If the solar setup saw the ‘off’ it should see the ‘on’ again. Maybe leave your phone near the Sense device when you do it and it probably will take 15 minutes to actually come back on.


I haven’t seen any other di-pole breakers in my panel besides my refrigerator and A/C unit (and the one I installed for Sense), so I assume I would need to install the Sense sensors into the outside breaker near the solar inverter. Panels are on the house, and the inverter and solar breaker are installed next to the electric meter.



Could you post a link for the extender, looks like I am going to have to do the same thing. All my solar components mounted outside, was just turned on yesterday - 8-6-18.