Sporadic behavior and negative wattage with no solar

I’m on day 2 of my install and I would not expect my experience to be typical. My initial install had one of the current clamps backwards, but things worked fine for about two hours. After getting an error at the 50% complete mark, I inspected the panel and saw the issue, flipped the current clamp so they both faced the same way, and did a factory reset. Everything seemed fine again for 2 hours. Then no data after 2 hours, and I just went to bed.

After 10+ hours, I’m still seeing the “Uh oh. Sense has detected an installation problem that we are unable to fix automatically”, yet the device seems to be working fine sporadically. Every so often it drops to a 0 W reading for 10 to 30 minutes, or at times even a negative reading on one of the mains. (I do not have solar, and am a standard residential main panel with sub panel, clamps on main panel.)

Is this typical startup behavior for calibration?

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