Strange issue with Kasa/TP-Link Integration

I’ve recently seen a strange issue with the TP-Link integration. I had a couple of brief storm-related power outages last week and when the system came back online I’m no longer seeing the devices on the TP-Link devices in the ‘bubbles’ I see the status changing from on to off on the right. However, none of the devices show up in the Device list anymore. It’s like the database broke and they don’t work anymore. I’ve already tried turning off that integration and then back on again multiple times but I see no change in symptoms.
Is this just a ‘me’ problem or have others seen similar?

I had a similar problem in the past. I contacted support and they were able to sort it out. Essentially, there was a mismatch between what devices were listed on my monitor and what was reported on their servers. Seems like something a power outage could cause.