System outage 5/31


Hi everyone,

We had a system outage last night due to what, as of now, seems to be a broader AWS outage on the east coast. We were back online by around 11:30 PM EST. You can see the status history here:

So, if you experienced any data loss last night, that is the likely culprit!

Loss of data

If you ever want to move to Azure let me know. :wink:


Can you guys work on an update that will let us have a local backup server and a software package to install on windows/Mac or Linux? This would also protect us if something ever happens to the company. That is the biggest problem with all of these cloud devices.


I’m pretty sure your device keeps a local record and once the “cloud” comes back, it sends all the data it’s collected while offline. There’s really no replacing a global infrastructure over multiple data-center regions you can create with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc.

That said, I agree as far as to say a direct connection to check basic status of the Sense would be a great benefit.


Maybe it’s there and I didn’t see it, but having access to a service health dashboard within the app itself wood be sweet. :+1:


I’ll pass that on. We could do it as just a hyperlink on the settings page that’d open up in an internal browser. That’d be the easiest route. I can’t guarantee anything but I’ll let the product team know.

@reeftank10 Thanks for the feedback. We’re working hard on a data export feature but it definitely wouldn’t be as deep as you’re asking. I’ll certainly pass the idea on but I’m not sure how feasible it’d be given the complexity of our server-side work.