Take a guess

1st time Detected. Has not repeated this signature since.

Runs all hrs. usually multiple times a day, but can go days without turning on.

Zoomed in, every time it turns on it looks completely different.

Sense labeled it “AC3” Which is impossible. It’s not related to my furnace either.

I’ve noticed some of my native devices now have variable signatures. This is different than what I reported in August:

Is this a new feature, or did I simply not notice it earlier? The answer to that question may help narrow the choices on this mystery device.

If you have the names of those devices that now how variable signatures/some date estimates, share them here and I can pass along to DS.

Here are the two devices that I noticed have changed. I haven’t looked through all my devices, so these two are just the ones I happened to spot. Data science may look at my history for these two devices or for any others they care to review.

The first device is called Oxygen2. The app image below shows how it used to be. Note the flat tails on each run. I selected this particular date range because the magnitude of the tail changed on July 8th. That is curious but is not what caught my attention. The change that occurred later, and what did catch my eye, is when the tail started jiggling around instead of being flat.

The next image shows how Oxygen2 looks now. The tail started getting wiggly on October 25. You may ignore the apparent activity during the night of the 23rd, because that was all one run even though it looks like lots of starts and stops - I think my WiFi router had a bad night and the internet was down a lot. Please let data science know that data for “Oxygen2” is from the same appliance as the integration device named “Oxygen.” Thus they can compare to what the energy usage actually was. Yes, the data reported by the integration does have a wiggly tail, but the wiggles are smaller in magnitude than what native now reports.

The second device that I noticed variation on is my stand-alone Freezer. I do not have that one on an integration, so can’t tell you what it is supposed to look like. Sense had always reported just the startup spike then a flat tail, as shown here. For convenience, I captured a similar date range to what was captured above.

Freezer now reports usage with a wiggly tail. You can barely distinguish it these two images, but when I zoom in on the app I find that the wiggles on one run don’t match the wiggles on the next. My understanding of how Sense works is that it detects ON and OFF events on the local device, then displays usage as time history plot that was generated by the AI engine in the Sense mainframe. This process would not allow detection of variations from one run to the next, so I doubt that this variety really mean anything. I am curious about why the variations began appearing. For both devices, the changes happened on or around October 25.

Justin, thanks for offering to share my case with data science. I’m looking forward to their response!


@jefflayman, glad you so observant ! Very interesting.

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Made me look.

Quite a few of my individual device signatures look quite different than they did a couple weeks ago.
I’m fairly certain why.
I swapped 2 breakers in a sub panel between legs. One breaker powering a light with another breaker powering a dehumidifier that runs quite often(I have 2), sump pump and a couple rarely used florescent shop lights.
A high consumption breaker with a low consumption breaker for better load balancing.
This resulted in change to the overall signature thus all devices look different on their respective legs.

@jefflayman did you happen to change anything in your home around that time? Adding something or plugging something into a different outlet?

Unfortunately my “AC4” is still a mystery. I know it’s not the dehumidifier that swapped legs as “AC3” appeared both before and after the swap. I know it’s not the 2nd dehumidifier as it has it’s own native detection that still works. Nor does “AC3” appear to coincide when either is running. It’s not the Sump pump as that was detected (again) almost immediately after the change.

No, I did not change any electrical devices in my house in October. My WiFi router dropped connection a lot that month, but I can’t imagine that being related to device signatures in Sense. Firmware Version 1.35.3347 rolled out over eight days beginning Oct 21, so that might be related if it hit my house on the 25th.