Tap on TV - What Is Horizontal Line?


When I look at my TVs within the app, the second field has a horizontal line, changeable by the user. There are some sort of icons… Maybe the sun? Day vs. night? What is it? I could do a screenshot if this is not clear.

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Hi, @chofack. Does the icon resemble this picture?
If so, MachDrone wonders if you have solar panels, or maybe you accidentally enabled Sense’s solar production?
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This shows up on the device screen for all three of my TVs (yeah, it has identified all of my TVS! Yeah!). You can touch it and move the horizontal bar left or right such that the white part covers more or less of the bar. Here it is pictured in the middle of the bar (I a ssume you use “upload” to attach a screen shot). Maybe there is a guide or help document that explains it… sorry.


I’ve been wondering what that slider is for as well.

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Thanks aaiyar for providing a good noun, slider! I’m not usually this inarticulate. The screenshot is from a Samsung phone running Android 8.0. I see the slider (!) in the app on other Android devices as well.

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I’m surprised @RyanAtSense hasn’t chimed in, surely this has got some (at the moment) vestigial purpose?

Looks sorta like it’d be a gain setting, so you can dial in how much noise you want to capture or ignore.

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Not quite a vestigial purpose… We’ll get it out of there in the next patch. But don’t be surprised if you see it again down the line

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Well this thread just became interesting… :sunglasses:

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Were they internet company connected TVs ? I haven’t had any devices detected by NDI, but I suspect in the case of most NDI devices, like flat screen TVs, steady state power usage varies widely depending on luminance and video content (plasma and OLEDs especially). That means that you might have to dial in your typical power usage rather than relying on exact Sense detection. Of course NDI allows Sense to see the on/off and at least one measure of power, but the power used in the first few seconds of turn on might not match the longer term steady state usage. Perhaps the slider will be a way to customize the power used for NDI devices ??

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As it so happened our three TVs (Samsung) are connected to the same network as the Sense and I believe these were discovered via NDI.

Wait, there were some men in here in black. I think I remember a flash.What were we talking about?


If anyone is still wondering about this little glitch…maybe you should join the Beta group: Join the Beta group!