TAX TIME Sense Shredder

All my Sense Saves! thoughts are coalescing around the potential for perfect paper-shredder detection married to cost analysis (of running said shredder) and including that in my tax return. Well, maybe I won’t go that far (LOL), but I am intrigued by the idea of shredder use tracking (peak period right now I suspect) and the Sense algorithm’s ability to detect it.

Are known periods of likely user-base activity factored into the algorithm in an overt way? Do some extra analysis around tax time of 200-275W spikes? My Fellowes 79Ci remains undetected. Looks challenging.

I am reminded of the British tea kettle challenge at BBC-time – the utilities seeing huge spikes in usage between shows.

Sense: you have 4 days to solve this!

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Sense has an added 6 months for mine, extension this year!