Wow... Sense found my paper shredder!

Interesting… I rarely use my paper shredder… I have had Sense for about 3 weeks now, and I think I have turned on my paper shredder maybe 3 times…and only used it momentarily to shred a few pieces of paper… It was detected a few days ago, and I confirmed that it was accurate…

That said, it is interesting that I use my lights, my microwave, my air handler, my televisions, my DVR, my AV receiver, my computers…every single day… And NONE of them have been detected…

I know I need to be patient…I get it…and I am not complaining… I am just shocked that it detected my little used paper shredder, yet has not “seen” any of my daily use devices… Ha, ha…

I’ll see you’re shredder and raise you an electric pencil sharpener. It’s rarely on for more than 2 seconds. Not the type of device I was hoping to get information on when I bought Sense but I suppose I can’t forecast my need for more pencils. It has also found a single light fixture, the outdoor light on our deck that’s briefly used once or twice a day.

Interesting what does and doesn’t get found quickly. Had sense about 6 months and found most of the major appliances and a lot of little minor ones (I’ve got “three” toaster ovens so far). Hang in there.


@nphilips - LOL! Love it! I agree with you…I think you beat me… I will use my paper shredder more than I would my pencil sharpener!

So there is hope!

I’ll call you both with …

FYI: Since then I cheated and put the shredder (periodically) on a HS110 so I could get ground truth data on exactly how many mailings Spectrum does per week to me or “Current Resident”. In the class action suit we can all charge for additional shredder usage!

In the scheme of things a shredder (mine in the 200W realm) seems like a reasonable Sense target and it’s encouraging that the native detection is working. A pencil sharpener is impressive. Clearly the shredder-sharpener correlations are key if you are an artist tracking your self-worth.

This is my favorite use case for Sense to date.

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